Founder's Message

Reverend Kenneth Chin

Dear Parent,

Hello and thank you for visiting.

My name is Kenneth Chin, Founder of Victory Academy (VA) and Head of School. I’m also the Founding Senior Pastor of Acts Church which provides the spiritual covering for Victory Academy, a not-for-profit Christian  home school with a difference. 

Victory Academy is also associated with a leading youth organisation known as Asian Youth Ambassadors (AYA). Since 1995, AYA has been effectively reaching and raising young people to be godly individuals, decent human beings and responsible citizens of Malaysia and the world. After almost two decades of ministry, and with the success that we were having with young people, I felt strongly that, if we could only have more time with them, we could do so much more. And so in 2015, Victory Academy was born.

Our mission is simple – to just “be there” with and for our students. To be there in their “ups” and to be there in their “downs”. To be there when they’re confident and to be there when they’re afraid. To be there when they need guidance and to be there when they just need a listening ear. We hope to be there in their greatest times of need.

Most of the time, that need is in academic performance. They want to do well in their studies – and in their exams – mainly in their IGCSE. To us at VA, that’s a non-negotiable, a top priority and something we will never compromise on. Our teachers, who are also affectionately known as “Overcomers” are fully competent and committed to academic excellence. And the 7 batches we’ve graduated thus far testify to that commitment. 

But as our school motto goes, “The Heart of Education is the Education of the Heart”, and with that comes our overarching vision and commitment to the student’s wholistic learning, or in other words, the preparation of the whole person – spirit, mind and body – for life beyond school. To achieve this, our teachers, together with the coaches from AYA, engage our students regularly in character building and leadership development through a variety of interesting and interactive activities both inside and outside of the classroom – with fun being a key component.

We also invest into our teachers, believing that happy and healthy teachers make happy and healthy students. Teachers are not just our staff. They are our partners – and we are committed to their wellbeing too – spirit, mind and body. And we thank God for the kind of teachers we have in VA – even from day one till now – who do not only take their job as a career but more so as a calling – one that isn’t driven by pay but by passion. 

But it’s not only our amazing teachers that we regard as our valued partners. It’s our parents too. Parents play an integral part in building the school and we cherish every opportunity we’ve had and will have to work hand in hand with them in providing our young people with the best that we have. 

I invite you to consider Victory Academy for your child/ children’s future and to partner with us as we continue to promote and pursue excellence in academia with exceptional attitude.