Principal's Message

Joy Lim

Dear Guests

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit our school. This is an amazing place with a God given mission and passion to help our students thrive and succeed. We believe that God has raised this generation of young men and women with exceptional talents and world-changing purposes. We’re both privileged and committed to guiding and equipping them with skills and Godly values that will help them achieve their God given potential and purposes.

Our young people are a group that is fast and energetic. They grow and develop quickly and soak up every bit of information and influence around them. But more importantly, our young people are hungry. They are hungry for role models in their lives and places where they can connect, relate and belong to. Knowing that, the school, the teachers, and the environment become an important staple ground for the students to be nurtured and grow healthily in body, mind, emotion, and spirit. As such, the school is more than just books, lessons, and classrooms. It’s about the people that care and want to guide them, a place that accepts and hears them, and a community that they can feel belonged to and root down. Our classes are not just a lecture. It’s a place of growth and learning, and that means students being heard, understood and nurtured, is as important as paying attention in their classes.

Without the right people, with the right experience and competency, and most importantly the right heart for the students, students won’t grow. Thankfully, we have an amazing team that is as passionate and committed to their roles as you would see in this industry. It truly is a joy as educators, to have the privilege to work with students daily and be a significant part of their growth and watch them succeed.

Our community is one of the most caring, fun, and exciting groups that you will find. We celebrate and gather around our diversities and uniqueness in backgrounds and stories. We lend every helping hand to any member that is in need, and we strive to make everyone feel included and belonged.

I invite you to come to take a tour of the school and discover the difference vision and people make in the lives of students!