HELP University
Partner tertiary institution of Victory Academy

Since its inception in 1986, HELP University has firmly established itself as one of the leading private institutions of tertiary learning in Malaysia. The university is locally and internationally recognised for its high and uncompromising academic standards reflected through its links with world class universities such as London School of Economics and Political Science, Cardiff University of Wales and University of Melbourne.

On 11 June 2016, HELP University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Victory Academy – a step that further strengthens the education pathways open to Victory students following the completion of their secondary education.


Raising children is a journey that is ordained by God, as it is written in Deuteronomy 11:19. As parents we need to understand that each child is fearfully and wonderfully made, and as a result, is unique with his or her own destiny. We need to realise that we cannot raise all children in the same way.

This goes for education too. Education should not be a factory style mass production that this age sometimes practises for convenience and cost effectiveness.

I believe that Victory has so much to offer their students, because they believe that every individual child should be nurtured to reach their fullest potential. Therefore, HELP University is looking forward to partnering with Victory in so many ways, including sharing knowledge, resources and networks, providing connecting pathways, developing joint training programmes, extending scholarships and bursaries – and so much more!

Mr Henry Lim

Executive VP (Operations)
of HELP University

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